Baby Name Generator + How To Choose The Perfect Baby Name

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Getting ready for a new baby can bring so much happiness and excitement to parents, especially when the time comes to dream about potential names for their little one. The endless possibilities, however, can quickly make this process a little nerve-wracking. To help you brainstorm the best names for your bundle of joy, we created this unique baby name generator.

With our generator, you’ll find popular, hipster, biblical, vintage, and celebrity first and middle names to make the right combination for your last name. Whether you want to keep their name a secret or show it off on your baby shower invitations, our collection of extraordinary baby names is sure to help you find the perfect baby name.

If you’re having trouble picking the right name, read our tips below. We cover everything from how to take recommendations from family members to choosing a flexible name for your baby to modify as they get older. Once you’ve found the best name for your child, don’t forget to send a birth announcement to family and friends.

Baby Name Generator

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How To Choose The Right Name

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When choosing your baby’s name, you’re sure to get some input from everybody. Whether it’s the in-laws, your parents, family, or friends, many people may want to play a role in the naming process. Read some of our tips on how to manage outside advice, find unlikely inspiration, and potentially find a middle ground.


If you and your partner can’t agree on a name, try to look for a compromise. One option is to combine both names you like into one. If you find a good combination of both names, you’ll not only get a unique name but one you and your partner are happy with. To combine both names, try a hyphen or converting them into one by mixing the letters.

Use Your Culture As Inspiration

Our roots come with lots of culture, history, and meaning. Modify the name to your liking or keep it as is to preserve the meaning of the word you chose. Whether you and your partner were raised in the same culture or completely different ones, your family histories are sure to provide you with a long list of creative and culturally rich names for your baby.

Make It A Middle Name

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Today, it’s not as popular to pass down a family name for the baby’s first name. If you or your partner would like to pay tribute to an older relative but aren’t sold on the name, you can always use it as your baby’s middle name. If your baby is not of the same gender, finding a similar name or an equivalent is sure to make your special relative happy.

Don’t Mind The Critics

If you decide to disclose your baby’s name early, you could find yourself receiving some unwanted feedback or advice. Before you tell everyone, make a list of a few confidants you’d like to get feedback from. This will help you and your partner hone in on valuable advice that could reinforce your choice or lead you to an even better option.

Get Feedback

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Many parents want to know they’re making the right choice, and that’s okay. If you’re the kind parents who welcome feedback, enlist the help of your friends and family and get your creativity flowing. Place a poll on social media or create a printable baby shower game to get tons of ideas from your loved ones.

Wait Until Your Baby Is Born

It’s not uncommon for parents to change their minds about their baby’s name after they get to hold their little one for the first time. Have a list of a few names you like and let your baby’s adorable face tell you which one is the right name. This is also an excellent option for parents who choose not to know the gender of their baby.

Things To Look Out For

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Keep in mind that your baby will live with this name forever, so try to think about their future when you pick a name. Do you want a strong name? Are you okay with people potentially having a hard time pronouncing it? Is it a good match for their middle and last name? Check out our tips below on what to keep in mind as you make your decision.

Incorrect Spelling

It’s common for parents to purposely misspell their child’s name to give it a unique twist. If it’s intended, make sure the change doesn’t impact the pronunciation you want. If you’re opting for the original spelling of a name, don’t forget to check for any errors on their birth certificate.

Popularity And Pronunciation

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If you’re not a fan of your baby having a common name, keep an eye out for trends. Your chosen name may be unique now, but it could increase in popularity in the near future. Look up census data and even browse social media to see which names are trending.

When choosing a uniquely written name, others may struggle to pronounce it. If that’s not an issue for you, you’re in luck. If it is, try choosing a simple version of that same name or playing around with the spelling to make it easier for others to pronounce correctly.

Awkward Pairings

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Always read your baby’s full name out loud before making it official. Be sure to look out for combinations that add up to a funny name. For example, you and your partner might love the name Holly, but if her last name is Wood, it’s something to keep in mind. If you’re both okay with her name being Holly Wood, then you’ve found yourself the perfect name. If not, be sure to look for something else.

If your last name is a bit of a tongue twister, opt for a simple first name. You can also grab inspiration from their siblings’ names if you already have children. Many parents go for names that sound good when said together, rhyme or begin with the same letter.

Weird Initials

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Once you’ve selected their first and middle name, write down their initials and be sure you’re comfortable with the way they look. Eventually, your little one will have a career, and you want to be sure their initials will look great on their business cards.

Let choosing your baby’s name be a fun process. If you and your partner pull from the right sources for inspiration, you’re sure to find a great name that your baby will feel confident having as they grow up.

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