6 Unique Birth Announcements for Your Baby

Last Updated: May 14, 2021

Looking for the best ways to announce the birth of baby? As your due date approaches, you might find yourself considering birth announcements ideas. You want to find the right balance between sweet, surprising, and unique baby announcements before your little one makes his or her debut. Birth announcements are a fun way to share the exciting news of your baby’s arrival, as well as your entrance into parenthood.

After months spent nesting and preparing for the sweet addition to your family, get started creating unique birth announcements that reflect your style, your excitement, and your joy over baby’s arrival. If your bundle of joy has already joined your family, you’ll have even more fun birth announcement ideas to draw inspiration from.

1. Make Unique Birth Announcements Using Different Angles

You can create baby announcements from many different angles, so featuring a photo from an unexpected point of view—from the feet, from a bird’s eye view of you snuggling baby, and more—will give you the best photos for unique birth announcements. Whether you hire a professional photographer for newborn photos or simply stage a newborn photoshoot of your own, you’ll cherish the creative and unique angles that highlight the sweetness of your baby.

Tiny toes, baby’s hand curling around your fingers, light wisps of hair just beginning to grow, precious eyelashes closed tight as baby sleeps in your arms. Capture these heartwarming moments from high and low, near and far angles as you choose the right photo for your unique birth announcements.

Birth announcement with multiple baby photos in black and white

2. Opt for Gender Neutral Birth Announcements

“It’s a Boy!” and “It’s a Girl!” messages have dominated everything from hospital balloons to baby shower banners to baby announcements for years. With these declarations of gender have come the obligatory baby blues and pinks. For a new twist, consider stepping away from the traditional and going with a neutral palette for unique birth announcements that stand out and take on a more modern tone. Grays, browns, whites, and even black help set neutral tones while directing the focus to baby.

Peruse neutral baby announcements to get started creating unique birth announcements with this modern take. You can also incorporate metallic text into your cards for even more modern and unique birth announcements. Explore personalized foil options in gold, silver, and more.

Gender neutral baby announcement with thick photo border and single photo

3. Show a Little Perspective

Chances are, your little bundle of joy is in fact quite little. Put into perspective baby’s size by posing him or her with an object for size reference. Your hands, baby booties, a pacifier, and other details can emphasize just how much happiness is packed into such a small package.

Adding items into the photo also creates visual interest for unique birth announcements, and these details can be used in photos over the next 12 months (and beyond!) to show baby’s growth. Snap photos of baby interacting with your hand and other items to show development and baby playing.

Flat baby announcement card with gold lettering and portrait photo

4. Holiday Birth Announcements

If your baby has arrived in time for a nearby holiday, holiday birth announcements are a fun way to wish family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter, and even Happy Fourth of July. Simply pick the closest holiday you wish to celebrate, add in some seasonal details, and these unique birth announcements will make any season merrier.

Holly, ornaments, lights, and cozy blankets will add spirit to winter holidays, while bursts of color, outdoor elements, and a dose of sunshine can bring spring and summer holidays to life in your baby announcements.

Holiday-themed birth announcement with baby photo and design with sprigs of holly

5. Floral Birth Announcements

You don’t have to announce the birth of a baby girl to use floral and greenery in birth announcements. Outdoor elements like branches, leaves, and florals make for beautifully unique birth announcements that can be used for boys and girls alike.

If you have a love for the outdoors or want to complement an outdoor photo shoot with you and baby, bringing natural elements into your cards can make for unique birth announcements that reflect your style. Explore floral birth announcements for style elements such as wreaths, burlap, and more natural details.

Baby girl birth announcement with floral border design

6. Let Baby Roar

Safari and animal themes for birth announcements are a fun, versatile way to announce the arrival of your own wild thing. Animal birth announcements are fitting for baby boy, baby girl, and gender neutral. For unique birth announcements that play with this theme, consider adding elements of animal birth announcements like baby wrapped in a blanket outdoors, your family posed amongst trees, a beloved stuffed animal next to baby, and more creative ways you want to include baby foxes, lambs, lions, and other creatures.

Simple baby announcement with one photo and animal illustration

Great Resources for Unique Birth Announcements

Whether you’re looking for baby boy or baby girl birth announcements, unique birth announcements from Tiny Prints can help you welcome your sweet addition to family and friends. Get started making baby cards and find inspiration for your creations from these additional resources:

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