6 Tips to Take the Best Christmas Card Photo

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Who says you need to be a professional photographer to capture the perfect Christmas card photo? When it comes to sharing your joy this season, you can take an amazing photo on your own without hiring a pro. A few photography tips can go a long way when planning for your Christmas cards this year. Remember – the most important elements of a card-worthy family photo including having fun and letting your personalities shine!

tips to take better christmas card photos with card and envelope

What’s the best time of day to take a photo?

Morning or afternoon when the sun isn’t directly overhead. Just as important though, is working with your family’s schedule. If you’re a new mom, maybe working around your baby’s nap schedule will be cause for more smiles than frowns. Sunny family photos work beautifully on Christmas cards with muted or non-traditional holiday colors, like Peace & Joy Christmas cards.

How should we light the photo?

Outdoors is great unless you have fabulous lighting indoors. The sky will always be the your light source. A cloudy day can be great for nice even lighting across faces with no harsh shadows, so there’s no need to wait for a sunny day. Outdoor snapshots are gorgeous on family Christmas cards.

tips to take better christmas card photos with card and card holders

What poses are best?

There are no poses that are the best. I think it’s nice when people take pictures while doing things they already like to do as a family, so it’s more natural and in the moment. For example, if your kids love to bake with you or you all go hiking together, that could be a great time to take a Christmas card photo. Playful family shots work well on Merry Christmas cards. You can also include the family pup in the photo for a natural interaction between family members that later makes for great family and pet Christmas cards.

tips to take better christmas card photos with gold card and envelope

Are there outfits to stay away from?

Not really, probably just stay away from identical mock turtlenecks. I think looks best when everyone’s outfits are color coordinated, but not overly matching. Try to choose a color scheme and mix and match those colors. Color coordinated family photos match perfectly with religious Christmas Cards.

tips to take better christmas card photos with card and envelope

Do you have to have a top of the line camera to take a great photo?

Not at all. The best camera will always be the one you know how to use well, like your iPhone. However, a high quality, high resolution photo will always look better on your Christmas cards. So if you have the money to spend on a professional photo shoot, it would be money well spent.

Should we have props in our photo?

Props are always fun! But if you’re using props in your photos, it should reflect something you and your family is actually interested in. If your family loves baseball, bring your baseball mits. If you’re a musical family, take some photos with your instruments. Photos with props work nicely on Snowflake Christmas Cards.

For more family photo inspiration, check out our collection of Christmas card photo ideas. Just click on the buttons below to sort the family photo poses by style and category! Once you’ve decided on a photo, you can either use an already created design, or upload it to our variety of blank Christmas cards.

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