How to Display Christmas Cards

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Holiday cards and Christmas wishes started pouring in through your mail, and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with where to put them all. You absolutely love the cards of all your friends and family, the photos, and all the warm wishes. But what do you do with them now? You don’t want them collecting dust, and you don’t have enough space to leave them out. Conveniently showcase your Christmas cards with a beautiful display for everyone to admire as they gather around the tree.

If you’re looking for new ways to show off your holiday cards that work with your decorations, we’ve got you covered. Read below for our favorite ideas on how to display Christmas cards in your home or office.

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Woman writing out a happy new year card featuring a variety of holiday decorations

What Is A Christmas Card Display?

A Christmas card display is a way of organizing your holiday and Christmas cards so that they become a part of your Christmas decor. Christmas card displays come in many shapes and forms, so there’s always a few things to keep in mind. Make sure that whatever display style you pick has enough room for the amount of Christmas cards you expect and that it blends seamlessly into the rest of your decorations. Materials for these displays can include ribbons, wreaths, string, and more. These displays work best with a wide variety of Christmas cards, but small versions can be made out of a more selective batch of Christmas cards.

Why Create A Christmas Display?

Christmas displays are useful for two main reasons. First, they help to organize Christmas cards and condense the the amount of space they take up in your home during the already chaotic holidays. Second, they help you highlight and show off these cards as part of your festive decor. If you often find yourself not knowing what to do with the dozens of cards (or more) you’re sent each year, Christmas displays are often a useful and fun option. Most Christmas displays are also easily handmade and inexpensive, making them a great family crafting activity for the holidays.

How To Display Christmas Cards and Holiday Cards

There are many different ways to display holiday cards, and each variety works different for different families. Some may love over-the-door ribbon displays, while others with open archways may not find them as useful. In order to figure out how to display your Christmas cards, take into account the following steps.

  • Take stock of how many cards you expect to receive or have already received. This will help you pick the right display size.
  • Decide what kinds of materials you want to use. What materials and colors work best with your current home Christmas decor?
  • How do you want to arrange the cards? Do you want to place all family cards at the top? Or maybe you’d rather organize by color. Whichever option you prefer, plan ahead of time so you don’t accidently glue or sew a card into the wrong spot.
  • Decide if you’re planning on making more than one Christmas card display. This might give you more creative freedom down the road.
  • Collect any extra decorative touches you may want to add. These can include things like mistletoe, garlands, candy cane, twine, ornaments, and anything in between.

Christmas Display Ideas

When you’re ready to start crafting your picture perfect Christmas card display, start by picking your ideal display design. We’ve collected four different types for you to choose from below.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

If you love the look of classic decor or want a more simplistic look for your Christmas card display, consider making your own greeting card holder. While some DIY projects can be daunting and time consuming in the end, DIY card holders are easy to create. All you need is the following:

  • String, twine, rope, or any other type of simplistic material that can hold your cards.
  • Clothespins
  • Tape (if needed)
  • Holiday card

Once you have your materials, decide on the location for the display. Some prefer the string to be strung along the top of a door, others might prefer it to stick to the wall of a hallway. If location permits, tie the string to two ends of the length of the display. If you have nothing to tie it to, use the tape. Then pin the cards along the string in whichever pattern you like.

Hanging display of tinyprints personalized christmas cards on a wooden background

Ribbon Display

A ribbon display is a slightly updated, more elegant version of the previous example. This design is traditionally used over doors, but is fairly versatile across flat surfaces. For this craft, you’ll need:

  • Wide, Christmas ribbon
  • A stapler
  • Christmas Cards

Once you have your materials, start by stapling your Christmas cards (on the inside, so the staple doesn’t show through the front) to the ribbon. You’ll be hanging the ribbon vertically, so staple the cards according to that orientation. Once the ribbons are ready, hang them vertically down the chosen door.

Christmas Tree Display (Christmas Tree Card Holder)

These card holders are typically wire frame in the shape of a small Christmas tree. Christmas tree card holders are most easily bought in advance, instead of homemade. And while this cuts down on craft time and the need for materials, you still get to customize the display as much as you like. Plus the wire frames will help your cards stand out elegantly in your holiday home.

Christmas Card Holder Wreath

The best part about holiday wreath card holders is that there’s so many ways to make yours unique. Each wreath has the possibility of using a different material, making each one special. To craft a wreath of your own you’ll need the following:

  • Wreath frame (wire, if needed)
  • Wreath material (twigs, pine needle branches, green/red clothespins, etc). This depends on the type of wreath you want to create.
  • Hanging clothespins or string
  • Red Christmas Ribbon

Begin by filling the wreath material around the frame. For the clothespins, you’ll only need to pin them around the wreath itself. For the pine and twig wreaths, you’ll want to tie the material to the frame with the seasonal string. Once the wreath is built, attach the cards either with clothespins or by tying them to the wreath with the string and a hole punch. Then attach the red ribbon to the top for a finishing touch.

Christmas card display featuring purple and green paper Christmas trees

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