Easter & Spring Pregnancy Announcements: 5 Unique Ideas

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Fresh starts, warmer weather on the horizon, birds chirping—what better time to announce you’re expecting than the spring? Take advantage of the new season to share spring pregnancy announcements with family and friends. After a long, cold winter, nothing warms hearts quite like the good news of a baby on the way. Pregnancy announcements are a joy for everyone to receive. As nature starts a fresh chapter, get ready to turn the page on your own new chapter with spring pregnancy announcements. Make the most of this special season in your life with creative and fun pregnancy announcements for Easter and spring. Soon after announcing your pregnancy, you’ll be searching for baby shower invitations, and after that, birth announcements.

Spring Pregnancy Announcements with Natural Details

Florals, greenery, pastels, burlap, wood, and other natural elements make spring pregnancy announcements come to life. Take advantage of the seasonal details to make your spring pregnancy announcements relevant to the time of year. You and your partner can dress accordingly in bright whites, tans, greens, blues, and other light pastels that speak to both baby and spring. A soft palette for pregnancy announcements also hints at the precious life you’re bringing into the world, and there’s no better time of year than spring to celebrate new life.

Natural details will bring out the preciousness of both baby and your excitement to be parents. Choose a forested or wooden backdrop to capture the liveliness of trees. A park bench will allow you to relax for a photo rather than pose. Climb a tree if you’re feeling adventurous. Find green branches, grass, and shrubs to stand or sit near with your partner, and let the natural scenery enhance the most natural thing in the world: bringing new life into it. If you’re short on outdoor space, take advantage of any greenery you have on a balcony or even in your home. Materials like burlap, ceramics, glass, and more make for great accents, while adding texture and depth to a photo.

Couple making spring pregnancy announcement with baby shoes

Floral Pregnancy Announcements

Nothing says spring quite like flower buds bursting open after a long, cold winter. Grab a bouquet of flowers and create floral spring pregnancy announcements on your own or with a partner. Flowers make great decorations in addition to props, so you can use floral arrangements as a backdrop, a flower crown, or wreath. Just as you’re beaming with the glow of pregnancy, flowers shine with a positivity that will complement the exciting news of your pregnancy announcement. If you’re looking for more inspiration for spring pregnancy announcements, browse floral birth announcements.

Spring pregnancy announcement with flowers and woman's tummy

Spring Pregnancy Announcements in the Rain

If your spring weather forecast is more on the inclement side, don’t get bogged down by baby blues. Rain can make for beautiful photos and a picturesque backdrop for spring pregnancy announcements. Have fun with drizzles, rain-covered windows, and puddles that are made for splashing around in. You and your partner can dress the part too. Don a raincoat if you’re battling April showers, then head outside to soak in the full spring season. Pose with your growing baby bump and embrace the rainy season that is perfectly relevant to spring pregnancy announcements.

Not only does rain make for dramatic photos, but your pregnancy announcements are sure to be unique as well. While many expecting parents pose for the perfect photos, candid shots in the rain will bring life, laughter, and joy to spring pregnancy announcements. If the last time you jumped in puddles or danced in the rain was as a kid, it’s time to channel your inner child (and the baby growing inside you), and get outside. Play in the rain. Hand a friend your camera and puddle hop, letting your friend capture beautiful, unposed moments. Grab a hat or umbrella for a great prop. Splash water all around. Brave the rain and be rewarded with captivating, striking photos for spring pregnancy announcements.

Pregnant woman in raincoat posing for spring pregnancy announcements

Warm Weather Pregnancy Announcements

If you’re one of the lucky ones in sunny weather this spring, take your spring pregnancy announcements outdoors and into the sun’s rays. Let the sunlight work its golden magic on your growing tummy, your ultrasound pictures, or your partner’s face. You can make creative pregnancy announcements for spring by using inspiration from your environment: shadows cast by the sun, warm-weather attire, floppy hats, sun-warmed sand, and more. If your late spring pregnancy announcements—April, May, and beyond—lead to welcoming a baby in the early spring of next year, then your spring timing will be perfect inspiration for spring birth announcements come the arrival of baby next spring.

The natural elements of spring also make for great details if you choose for someone, or something, to be the focus of your pregnancy announcement instead of you. Let a soon-to-be-older sibling take the stage with a sign announcing the arrival of baby brother or sister. Pose a sonogram picture with teeny tiny flip-flops, a sand castle, or starfish. Breathe in the fresh air around you and let the environment inspire spring pregnancy announcements that feel right for you.

woman hugging her tummy n the beach for spring announcements

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Easter conjures up images of baby chicks, lambs, dipped Easter eggs, and fluffy marshmallow candy in baskets. Use the best of the holiday to create festive Easter pregnancy announcements. Cradle precious baby chicks as you prepare to welcome your own baby. Let bunnies make spring pregnancy announcements for you.Gather wind-up chicks and bunnies around your sonogram photo for a picture-perfect moment with all the spring babies.

Looking for more Easter inspiration? The holiday is religious for some, and for others less so. However you choose to mark the day, take advantage of your family’s traditions to create an Easter pregnancy announcement that’s true to you. Use hot-cross buns, family brunch, or a play session in the park as the moment you share your news. Plan an Easter egg hunt that ends with balloons, signs, and an Easter pregnancy announcement with loved ones. You can capture your pregnancy announcement on camera to share with your larger group of friends and family at a later time. Get inspired by spring’s arrival of baby animals, Easter eggs, and decor as you make Easter pregnancy announcements. The same theme can easily be used for birth announcements too.


Expecting mom poses with her tummy for Easter pregnancy announcements

Springing into Easter Pregnancy Announcements

As you prepare to share your exciting news with the world, spring pregnancy announcements and Easter pregnancy announcements help you make the most of the season. From greenery and florals to Easter chicks and egg hunts, unique pregnancy announcement ideas are just outside your door. Looking for more inspiration? Check out additional ideas and templates from TinyPrints:



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