Custom Thank You Cards Guide

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Life is full of many occasions and reasons to celebrate. From graduations to baby showers to the little everyday moments that make life special. Once the celebrations have ended, the gratitude stays on like a warm embrace that reminds you of the happy times. Pass your gratitude on to those who celebrate with you by sending custom thank you cards. Recognize the loved ones who lend a helping hand, who share generous gifts with you. Whatever form your graduation party, wedding, or baby shower takes—whether big or small, whether in-person or virtual—there’s a special group of people behind it who made it all happen.

Now it’s time to express your appreciation to them. If you don’t know how to get started writing thank you cards, simply start here. Learn how to write thank you cards of any kind, like wedding thank you cards and graduation thank you cards, plus how to make thank you cards, and when to send thank you cards. Use our guide to say thanks with personalized thank you cards for everyone.

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How to Write Thank You Cards

Wondering how to write thank you cards? The best thank you cards messages come from the heart. (1.) Start by addressing the person you wish to thank by name. (2.) Then, recognize your relationship and the unique bond you share, such as a longtime friend or close family member. (3.) Next, clearly state your thanks, whether it’s for something material like a gift or immaterial such as a gesture. (4.) Express your gratitude for what the generosity means to you. (5.) Try using this thank you card template for help on how to write thank you cards:

  1. Dear (Gift Giver),
  2. Your friendship has meant so much to me over the years, and I appreciate that you are always there for me.
  3.  Thank you for the thoughtful birthday gift and making my day special. The flowers you sent brightened my day.
  4. You never fail to help me celebrate the milestones in my life, and for that, I am very grateful. Thank you for your endless kindness and generosity.
  5. With Love, (Your Name)

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How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards

Your wedding has come and gone: perfect, memorable, and wonderful down to the last detail. Now it’s time to express your gratitude and write wedding thank you cards messages as perfect as your Big Day. Whether your guest list was large or small, thank your wedding guests, family, and bridal party for their presence and generous gifts. Surprise your bridesmaids and gift-givers with appreciation and lots of love from the newlyweds by crafting custom thank you cards with messages personalized to each guest. Customized stationery and cards can match your wedding theme or include a beautiful photo of the bride and groom—making them both a sweet memory of the day as well as wonderful wedding thank you cards.

Don’t let this last item on your wedding to-do list slip past you. Tiny Prints makes writing wedding thank you cards messages easy, while helping you with the right wedding etiquette along the way. From the best thank you quotes to help you put your appreciation into words to monogram stationery to show off your newly shared last name, our luxury stationery makes sending wedding thank you cards as easy as saying “I do.”

What to Write in Wedding Thank You Cards Template

(1.) To begin, acknowledge the gift-givers and what they mean in your life. (2.) If they were present at your wedding, say so. Attending a wedding can require a lot of effort, so let them know how much you appreciated their presence. (3.) Reflect on any specific memories you have with them from your wedding day. (4.) Clearly state your thanks for their gift. (5.) State how you will make use of it. (6.) Express gratitude for your relationship. (7.) Sign your names.

  1. Dear (Gift-Giver),
  2. Thank you so much for coming to our wedding and helping make our day so special.
  3. It was a blast catching up with you, and I’m so glad you could be there when I married my soulmate.
  4. Thank you so much for the blender as well!
  5. We can’t wait to make delicious smoothies with it each morning.
  6. Thank you so much for your continued friendship over the years. I’m grateful to have you in my life.
  7. From, (Your Names)

How to Write Graduation Thank You Cards

After years of hard work and dedication, the time has come: you graduated. Tassels were flipped, caps were thrown, and of course, celebrations were had. Now it’s time to thank the people who made it possible for you to achieve your degree, the ones who rallied behind you while you spent late nights studying in the library. Show your appreciation to your family, friends, party hosts, and gift-givers with custom thank you cards for graduation.

Not sure what to say or how to write graduation thank you cards? Not to worry. Personalized stationery from Tiny Prints helps you find just the right words to express your gratitude with inspiration from beautiful designs and thank you card templates you can customize. Choose from monogram stationery, folded cards, photo thank you cards featuring you in cap and gown, and more beautiful designs that recipients are sure to love. Simply choose your thank you card, add custom text like your initials, photo, or “Thanks!” to the card, and order the custom thank you cards straight to your door.

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Once you receive your custom thank you cards, it’s time to put pen to paper and share your gratitude. Still at a loss for words? Here’s how to write graduation thank you cards in just a few steps. (1.) Address the recipients. (2.) Clearly offer your thanks for their gift or involvement in your journey to graduation. (3.) Share your joy for the achievement of your degree. (4.) Sign your graduation thank you cards. Your custom thank you cards might look like this graduation card template:

  1. Dear (Names),
  2. Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my graduation by attending my celebration. Your encouragement throughout my degree has been an extremely generous gift that means the world to me.
  3. I’m so excited to finally have my degree and start the next chapter!
  4. With Love, (Your Name)

How to Make Thank You Cards

You can easily make custom thank you cards online with Tiny Prints. Simply choose the occasion, then narrow down styles to one that matches your theme or personal tastes. For baby shower thank you cards and other baby-related events like baby’s first birthday party, opt to customize baby thank you cards with fun colors and whimsical designs. Holiday thank you cards are great for saying thank you for holiday gifts and get-togethers like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Learn more about how to make thank you cards by getting started with these custom thank you cards.

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When to Send Thank You Cards

Proper etiquette for when to send thank you cards will vary greatly, depending who you ask. From immediately after the baby shower to within six months of getting married, there is no set rule for when to send thank you cards to your gift-givers, party hostess, and loved ones. One consideration, however, may simply be the sooner, the better.

Once the celebrations for your exciting milestone—you got married! You graduated! Your baby is due soon!—have dwindled, you’ll soon be focused on your next chapter, like settling into dorm life or welcoming baby home. Before you begin writing your next chapter, know that the time to send thank you cards is now. You can even keep personalized stationery on hand so that you can easily send custom thank you cards whenever you wish to express gratitude for the occasions big and small.

Closing Thoughts

Whether it’s to thank your loved ones for their support or a specific gift, sending a simple thank you card can show your appreciation for that person. It’s a great opportunity to say how grateful you are. Make their day when they receive a special thank you card in the mail just for them.

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