Fun Christmas Party Games for 2022

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Fun, games, and time spent with loved ones make up the magic of the holidays. But in order to keep up with the Christmas spirit, it’s important to provide plenty of opportunities to spend time celebrating with friends and family. A great way to fill the holidays with joy and laughter is by playing plenty of Christmas party games for everyone to enjoy. For your next Christmas party, or for a December night spent with family, check out the following ideas.

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Christmas Party Games For Adults

Adulthood doesn’t mean the end of fun Christmas games. To make sure that you’re making the most of your holiday celebrations, check out our favorite ideas for adult Christmas party games to help keep the Christmas spirit alive.

A group of friends playing limbo using a festive red scarf while celebrating christmas together

Ornament Guessing Game:

Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes have countless ornaments hanging from their beautiful pine branches. Try to guess how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree. Have all guests put their guess in a jar and then give the winner a prize.

Christmas Charades:

What’s more fun than a guessing game? Act out different holiday themed keywords with the goal of your teammates guessing right within the allotted time but make sure not to give any of the answers away.

Guess the Christmas Scent:

Place a Christmas scent (peppermint, Christmas tree, gingerbread) in a bag to hide what it is and have each player try to guess it just based on smell.

Ugly Sweater Contest:

Have all guests come dressed up in their favorite ugly sweater and let everyone vote for their favorite choices. From itchy light up sweaters to DIY ornament sweaters, everyone will get a kick out of the dress-up competition.

Christian Games For Adults

Whether you’re having a Christmas party for your church or simply a Holiday get together with your bible study, games can really bring a party to life. Browse our Christian Christmas games for inspiration.

Name that Carol:

Play only a few lyrics, or the first few seconds from a well-known Christmas carol, and have everyone try to guess the name of the song. First person to answer wins.

Christmas Bible Verse Bingo:

Jeopardy is a great game to play when you want to test everyone’s knowledge from different kinds of categories. Play jeopardy with all of the answers as specific bible verses. Make sure you keep track of points to see who can earn the most.

Bible Replay:

Split the group into teams and give each team 15 minutes to put together a scene from the bible.

Fun Christmas Party Games For Kids

Crafting the perfect Christmas games to keep kids entertained at a party can sometimes feel like a challenge. However, when they’re done right you get to see the child experience the joy and magic of Christmas. We’ve collected our favorite kids’ Christmas party games to make your job less stressful so you can get to that special moment.

Holiday Storytellers:

Storytelling is a wonderful way to bring friends and family members closer together, especially around the holidays. Go around the room and have each child add a sentence to a Christmas story, then read it out in the end.

Candy Cane Game:

This is similar to spoons, but you instead place candy canes in the middle. Make sure there’s always one too few candy canes for the amount of players in each round in order to play correctly.

Find Santa’s Friends:

This scavenger hunt is perfect for the Holiday season. Get creative and write up a list of clues from Santa Claus himself. Then, have the kids search for their Christmas gifts instead of just handing them over to one another.

Penguin Waddle:

Place balloons between the legs of each contestant and have them waddle like penguins to the finish line. Take care to walk slowly to ensure the balloon doesn’t pop.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph:

Similar to pin the tail on the donkey, each blindfolded player tries to pin a red nose on a poster of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. The person who is closest, wins.

Marshmallow Munch:

Place a jumbo marshmallow on the end of a string and tie it high up, just to the level of a child’s face. Repeat until there’s as many hanging marshmallows as there are players. Then have the kids try to eat the marshmallows with using their hands. First to finish, wins.

Christmas Party Games For Families

Any time spent with family is time spent well, especially during the holidays. Make your Christmas time stand out and bring everyone closer together with these perfect party games to enjoy right in your very own living room. Whether it be dressing up like a human Christmas tree or playing family feud, you can guarantee the entire family will be entertained the night while they wait for Santa’s arrival.

Family of six playing a game of charades in their living room on christmas day

Christmas Gift Wrap Up:

With each person using only one hand, have everyone try to wrap a Christmas Present together. Time each team for a fun competition.

Human Christmas Tree:

Split the group into teams, with one person from each team as the designated human Christmas tree. Dress that person up like a Christmas tree and judge everyone’s creations at the end.

Stocking Fill Up:

This is very similar to the traditional game of egg and spoon. However, you can add a Christmas twist by trying to fill up a stocking.

Family Feud Christmas:

Play a game of family feud themed entirely on Christmas.

Elf Toss:

Have each duo stand across from each other and toss a toy elf. If it’s caught, have them take a step back. Continue until the elf is dropped and only one team remains.

School Christmas Party Games

Taking a break during the holidays to let students enjoy themselves is part of what the Christmas season is all about. The following games are great ways to reconnect with classmates and learn something new:

Christmas A-Z:

Have the class come up with a holiday related word for every letter of the alphabet.

Stocking Guessing Game:

Fill a stocking with random things and have each student try to guess what’s on the inside.

Do You want to Build a Snowman?

Have students split up into teams and give them rolls of toilet paper, plenty of felt tools, and dress up clothes. Have them dress up one person as a snowman and give a small prize to the most creative team.

Christmas Party Games For Work

All work and no play makes the Holidays a very dull season. Make sure to keep spirits high by bringing some of the festivities into your workplace.

Two True Presents and a Lie:

This game makes for a perfect ice breaker. Go around the group and have each person describe three crazy presents they’ve received. Two the of presents should be true, and the last one should be a lie. Then the others guess which was a lie.

People Bingo:

Get to know coworkers by going around the room and trying to complete a bingo card with people-specific facts.

Christmas 20 Questions:

Try to figure out who each person’s character is with this holiday themed version of 20 questions.


Have each guest bring a present and have them stand in a circle. The person in the middle reads a story that mentioned the words “left” or “right” several times. Everytime they read a directional word, presents are passed in that direction. At the end of the story, everyone opens the present they’re holding.

More Christmas Party Games

Looking for something special that didn’t make it into any of the above categories? Check out our additional party game ideas for Christmas parties for large and small groups, or that are free or printable.

Baby wearing a red santa claus hat playing with a christmas present while the joyful mother watches

Christmas Party Games For Large Groups

Christmas Relay:

Have teams race across a space with a stack of Christmas presents that gets larger with each lap.

Santa Limbo:

This non traditional limbo game features a pillow under the shirt of each contestant to make it even harder and more festive.

White Elephant:

This is a gift exchange with a twist. Have everyone take a number from a hat that determines the gift opening and stealing order. The person who opens first will be the last one to steal. A gift can only be stolen three times before it’s locked in place.

Small Group Games

Secret Santa:

Have each person assigned to buy or make a gift for someone else in the group, but don’t give away the secret! Then, at the party, reveal the gifts.

Saran Wrap Christmas Game:

Wrap a series of small prizes within a giant ball of saran wrap. Have each person try to roll doubles with dice. If they do, it’s their turn to try and unwrap the saran ball and get the prizes inside until the next person rolls doubles.

Christmas Minute To Win It Games:

There are many different options for these short but exciting games. They include a gingerbread eating contest, a Wreath relay, and a Snowball contest.

Free Christmas Games

Blindfold Christmas Drawing:

Blindfold each person and have them try to draw Christmas imagery such as a Christmas tree, stocking, presents, and more. The winner can either have the most realistic drawing, or the most creative representation.


Using all the holiday Cards you already received, place them on one end of a flat table. Try to blow them to the edge without them falling off. The team with the most cards on the edge wins.

Pair O’ Carolers:

Have each player pick a carol out of a hat, with two of each song in the hat. Then have everyone hum their song and try to find their match. When they do, they then have to sing the song aloud together for the rest of the party. If they finish the song, they get a prize.

Printable Christmas Games

Christmas Mad Libs:

Using an online Christmas themed mad libs, complete the empty spaces. Then vote on who’s is the funniest.

Christmas Movie Bingo:

Print out bingo cards with quotes or things from a Christmas movie and watch it together. First person to get a row marked off wins.

Christmas Word Search:

Print a set of Christmas or Holiday word searches and distribute them at your next Christmas party.

Mother and son giving each other eskimo kisses while wearing reindeer headbands

Additional Christmas Party Resources

If you’re looking for a party theme to incorporate all your Christmas party games, we’ve got you covered with our complete guide on Christmas party ideas. Or, if you’re ready to start working on your Christmas and holiday cards, check out the following resources:

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