Elegant Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Congratulations! You just found out the wonderful news that you’re pregnant and you are trying to decide when you want to have the baby shower. Baby showers are an exciting milestone and event for any woman becoming a first-time mom. There are a lot of options to decide on when throwing a shower as it’s one of the most important times in your life as you enter motherhood. Do you want it to be coed? How traditional do you want it to be? Who will you plan on inviting? While there are many things to consider for your baby shower, you will also need to determine what you want the baby shower invitations to say. Here, you will find elegant baby shower invitation wording for a baby shower of any kind.

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Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette

Baby shower invitations are one of the most important elements of the baby shower as it allows you to bring together all your family and friends to celebrate your special moment as a soon-to-be mom. You can personalize your invitations however you like with your favorite photos of you and your belly bump, or sweet message expressing your excitement to meet your little one. Before you decide how you want to word your baby shower invitation, it is good to figure out the logistics for the invitations. Continue reading below for inspiration on what to say, who to invite and when to mail them out.

What to Include on a Baby Shower Invitation

When planning your baby shower and making the invitations, make sure that you include all of the necessary information so your guests know exactly when and where to be on your special day. You should include the name of the parents, as well as the date and time of the event for guests to mark their calendars. Include the location of the event and who is hosting it if it’s being hosted by someone that is not one of the parents. Be sure to leave their contact information as well so guests can respond to the host. If you know the name and gender of the child you can also include those in your baby shower invitations.

Who to Invite to the Baby Shower

Who you invite to the baby shower depends on the kind of baby shower you want. It can be coed or you can have two showers. You can have a more traditional shower that is all women for the mom. You can also have a diaper party that is all guys for the dad. Once you decide, form a guest list and include their names and addresses on the list for organization. Forming a guest list now will be helpful later on when it’s time to write out thank you cards to all who attended the event and gave you a baby shower gift. This way, there will be no confusion as to who bought you what among the many gifts you receive.

When to Send Out Invitations for the Baby Shower

Sending out invitations in a timely manner is important when planning a baby shower. Try to send the invitations out at least a month before the shower. This way, guests will have enough time to clear their schedules, get back to you on whether or not they can come, and buy a gift for the baby. Before you send out your invitations, be sure to check out our custom envelopes and address labels, all of which you can personalize with your favorite colors and designs. This will surely add a sweet touch to go along with your baby shower invitations and make your guests light up with joy when they receive theirs.

Sweet Baby Boy Shower Invitation Wording

So, your little boy is on the way and you are so excited to welcome him into the world. You need to find the right words for your card to express your excitement to all of your guests. These ideas will do just that.

  • “Our precious little prince is on his way”
  • “Come help us celebrate baby boy _____.”
  • “Oh Boy! Come help us shower ______.”
  • “We are excited to welcome our little man into the family. Help us celebrate.”
  • “It’s a boy! Come welcome and celebrate our little boy.”
  • “Everything will be light blue, we hope to celebrate our baby boy with you!”
  • “A baby boy is on the way! You’re invited to come celebrate our newest addition.”

Previous Baby Girl Shower Invitation Wording

Having a baby girl is a special moment. You need the perfect wording for the invitation to get everyone else as excited as you are for your little girl. These examples are sure to make everyone smile when they open your invitation.

  • “We’re tickled pink to announce there is a girl on the way.”
  • “A precious baby girl is almost here!”
  • “Come help us shower _____ with love.”
  • “A little lady is on the way!”
  • “It’s a girl! Come celebrate our little girl.”
  • “A baby girl is on the way, so we are showering her mother with gifts for the big day.”
  • “Please join us for a shower to honor ____ and her daughter _____.”

Tri-colored cupcakes featuring personalized cupcake toppers that say "baby on board, and "i heart my bump"

Gender Neutral Shower Invitation Wording

Even if you don’t know the gender of your baby, you can still create a super special and creative invitation.

  • “Whether it is a boy or a girl, come help us shower our special child.”
  • “Our little one is on the way.”
  • “Let’s celebrate the baby on the way”
  • “Oh, baby! There’s a special someone on the way.”
  • “Little man, or little lady? It’s a surprise for us too! Come join us celebrating our newest addition to the family.”
  • “Let’s celebrate this special day. ______’s baby is on the way.”

Gender Neutral Shower Invitation Wording

Use baby shower as a time to surprise everyone with the gender of your baby. These cute gender reveal invitation wordings are sure to excite your quests.

  • “Blue or pink, what do you think? Come find out!”
  • “Girl or boy? Either way we will be filled with joy.”
  • “He or she, what do you think our little baby will be?”
  • “We’ve got a surprise cooking. Join us for our shower and find out what the surprise is for yourself.”
  • “Will our baby be a girl or boy? Come cast your vote at our gender reveal party.”
  • “It’s time for a bows or bow-ties party.”

Coed Baby Shower Invitation Wording

A coed baby shower is less traditional than a normal baby shower. In order to make sure your guests know it is coed, mention both of the parents names on the invitation. Include neutral coloring on the invitation so it doesn’t look like it is for one specific gender to be invited as well.

  • “Let’s shower both mom and dad before the big day.”
  • “Come celebrate the soon-to-be parents! This couple’s shower will welcome baby ___”
  • “Come join us for a couple’s shower. All are invited and welcome to come.”
  • “_____ and _____ invite you to their coed baby shower.”
  • “Mr. and Mrs. would like to invite you in welcoming their child into the world.”

Creative Book Instead of Card Invitation Wording

Another nontraditional baby shower involves receiving books instead of cards. There are many creative ways to incorporate this request into the invitation without making it too obvious.

  • “If you would be so kind, instead of a card, please bring a book that you have signed.”
  • “You are invited to celebrate our newest addition! Please bring a book and sign the inside for our little one.”
  • “We have one request that will not be too hard. Please bring a book instead of a card.”
  • “Let’s start this baby on a journey of reading. Instead of a card, it is a book we are needing.”
  • “Whether it be well-loved, or brand new, please bring us a book that’s signed by you.”

Personalized baby shower sign featuring a table filled with blue confetti and party favors

Additional Baby Celebration Wording

Baby showers are not always traditional. In fact, many people like to take the nontraditional route of having either a baby sprinkle or a diaper party. Whichever case it may be, you still should to send out invitations for all of the guests.

Baby Sprinkle

A baby sprinkle is still a baby shower, but it is much simpler. The future mom is is still given gifts for her baby. However, there are less decorations and it’s more of a casual shower.

  • “Twinkle Twinkle, it’s a sprinkle!”
  • “With a baby on the way, join us for our baby sprinkle.”
  • “Come sprinkle our baby with love.”
  • “Come join ____ and ____ for a baby sprinkle.”
  • “Come attend our baby sprinkle, where we will celebrate our coming baby.”

Diaper Party

A diaper party is baby shower but for the father-to-be. Diaper parties are normally centered around two things: beer and diapers. It is a much more casual celebration, and rather than guests bringing presents they bring diapers for the couple.

  • “Come join us for a diaper and wipes party.”
  • “There’s a bun in the oven and burgers on the grill. Come celebrate at our couple’s diaper party.”
  • “Bottoms up! Bring your diapers and wipes for a good time celebrating our baby on the way.”
  • “Huggies for chuggies at our diaper party. Join the celebration at this man shower for ____.”
  • “A baby is brewing. Come join us for a diaper party celebration.”

There are many different kinds of baby showers you can choose to have depending on your personal preferences. Celebrating the arrival of a baby can be extremely special as it’s a beautiful life changing moment. Before sending our your invitations, make sure that you put a lot of thought into how you want to design in and what fonts to use. Tailor it to your personality and consider making the card represent the theme of the shower if there is one.

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